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At ProFysio Physical Therapy, we firmly believe that our clients’ comfort and wellbeing should come first. When people tell us they are experiencing regular back pain – an issue that affects roughly 25% of all Americans – we genuinely want to do all we can to develop a physical therapy schedule that works for them and helps them alleviate that discomfort. For many, this means utilizing our advanced spinal rehabilitation methods.

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Time-Honored Care & New-Age Treatments for Back Pain

Our team is comprised entirely of Doctors of Physical Therapy. By utilizing all we learned through our studies and educational careers mixed with state-of-the-art technology that is always improving, we can bring the right combination of new and old methods to treat your spinal complications. It all begins with an in-depth but gentle diagnosis of your health and movement abilities. Each physical therapy plan we create is personally tailored to each client – nothing is premanufactured or rushed.

For minor pain to permanent disabilities, some spine rehabilitation methods that could help include:

  • Spinal joint mobilization
  • Spine extension through McKenzie exercises
  • Regular stretching and flexibility training
  • Electrical stimulation

We also offer workstation ergonomics assessments to our clients. Many people suffer from chronic back pain because they are not positioning their bodies correctly during daily activities. Through the deliberate correction and adjustment of your day-to-day life – such as how you sleep, the chair you use at work, positioning of your seat in your automobile, and more – we may be able to set you down the path of total back pain elimination and spinal rehabilitation.

We Want to Get You Back On Your Feet, Literally

Our Aberdeen physical therapists are focused on you from start to finish. Not only do we want to maintain the maximum level of comfort that never puts you in an awkward or painful position but we also want to help you reach the maximum level of physical recovery. For some patients, they just want to be able to wake up without an ache, and for others, they need assistance relearning how to walk after a major back injury. No matter the necessary extent of your treatment, we want to be the team that has your back.

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