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In addition to physical therapy, we also provide nutritional counseling to help our patients maintain physical and mental wellness. What we put into our bodies affect not only our physical health, but our mood and mental functions as well. At ProFysio, we promote a holistic approach to nutrition as a vital component to a healthy lifestyle.

Our nutritional counseling services at ProFysio are provided by our Clinical Nutritionist, Alesha Lazan MS, CHHC.

New nutrition clients can receive a FREE healthy exercise consultation with one of our doctors.

About Our Nutritional Counseling Services

Nutrition is more than just weight loss. It is about feeling your best and becoming healthier.

At our clinic, we believe that each individual's journey to health and wellness is different. Our team will work with each patient to create a nutrition plan that accommodates their specific needs and goals. Much of our counseling focuses on patient education because we know that long-term nutritional health starts and continues outside of our clinic. We want to give you the tools and resources you need to be at your optimal health.

Our program helps patients learn valuable nutritional information such as:

If you do not have blood work, you can request a script from your physician that includes CBC, CMP, Full Lipid Panel, and Vit D (25-OH).

Our Tailored Exercise Program

Our Monmouth County physical therapy doctors can also help you design an individualized exercise program and coach you every step of the way. We create programs that you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle and daily routine. With our physical therapy doctors there to guide you, you won't have to worry about whether an exercise is right for you or hurting yourself.

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