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The sport of golf is as much in the player’s mind as it is in their body, and it is about the athlete’s preparation just as much as it is about their execution. If you are an avid golfer or just someone who enjoys a morning out on the links with friends, you have probably wondered how you can improve your swing and your game overall. At ProFysio Physical Therapy, our Monmouth County physical therapists can offer you numerous strength and conditioning methods to increase your confidence in your abilities and lower your score at the end of the 18.

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Titleist Performance Institute Techniques

There is an incredible organization known as TPI, or the Titleist Performance Institute, that is dedicated solely to furthering the science of golf and helping golfers around the world enhance their performances.

TPI has specialists in several fields, including:

  • Medical
  • Fitness
  • Biomechanics
  • Nutrition

When all of their professionals come together, they can analyze the swing of a golfer through advanced scientific methods, including intricate computer analyses of their form and strength. Whether the player is young and brand new to the game or a veteran who knows there is always room for improvement, TPI can benefit them.

Introducing Dr. Erik Hums, TPI Certified Expert

The Titleist Performance Institute offers certification courses to medical professionals who wish to take the teachings of TPI and utilize them at their own practices. Here at ProFysio, we are excited to say that Dr. Erik Hums has achieved Level 1 Medical Professional Certification with TPI, allowing him to assess a golfer’s physical form and develop an exercise regimen unique to them. At the end of the program, clients may see noticeable increases to their game performance and experience a variety of health benefits, including less soreness at the end of a lengthy round of golf.

Strength and conditioning routines that may be used in your regimen include:

  • Clean swing motion exercises
  • Proper stance and follow-through techniques
  • Nutritional guidelines for enhanced stamina
  • Overall fitness care (jogging, core strength, etc.)

Remove Your Physical Limitations and Exceed Your Expectations

Using TPI techniques and exercises, you can distance yourself from your competition by taking total control of how you play the glorious game of golf. More than simply improving your swing and score, you can expect to feel an improvement of yourself as you transition into a healthier lifestyle with less day-to-day aches and pains, especially after being on the course for hours. Contact Monmouth County Physical Therapist Dr. Erik Hums and the rest of our enthusiastic and friendly team today for more information about our unique services.

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