The Various Benefits of Simple Stretching

The Various Benefits of Simple Stretching

Physical therapy is centered on improving your body’s comfort, range of motion, and overall health, especially after suffering an injury or debilitating illness. With all of the groundbreaking forms of physical therapy and new, improved methods of treatment – such as infrared light therapy, EPAT, and so on – it is understandable that some people would overlook or forget one of the cornerstones of therapy, rehabilitation, and exercise: simple stretching.

Our bodies are not always rearing to spring into action. Instead, muscles and joints prefer to warm up before doing anything strenuous. By deliberately lengthening certain muscles, stretching allows you to give your body that warm up it requires.

Some of the best benefits of stretching are:

  • Better flexibility: Many people shy away from regular exercise or have apprehension about undergoing physical therapy because they are afraid of lingering soreness due to overexertion. Stretching before and after sessions of activity has been proven to increase flexibility, which minimizes aches.
  • Improved blood circulation: There are a great deal of problems that can arise if you have poor blood circulation, including immediate painful side effects during exercise to serious health conditions later in life. Regular stretching may improve your blood circulation to help alleviate all of these issues.
  • Greater coordination: People with balance trouble, difficulty walking, and other problems with coordination can benefit from stretching, as it helps your joints “stay young” as you age. Better coordination also means you are less likely to fall, and less likely to suffer dramatic injuries if you do; this is crucial for elders.
  • Corrected posture: Acute or chronic back pain often requires extensive spinal rehabilitation therapy to address. Routine stretches can eliminate back pain before it begins by correcting your posture and minimizing the discomfort your back experiences throughout a typical day.
  • Reduced stress: As it can be said with just about any form of physical therapy, simple stretches can help you deal with and dispel stress. A general lessening of joint pain and body stiffness frees up the mind to better manage other issues, resulting in stress relief.

Despite all the great benefits of stretching, you should not start stretching on your own if you do not know how to do so safely, or if you have recently experienced a serious injury or illness. Doing so could potentially worsen your condition.

If you would like to begin a physical therapy regimen, or if you just want occasional stretching exercises for your health, contact ProFysio Physical Therapy and our Aberdeen physical therapists. We have multiple Doctors of Physical Therapy on staff and provide our patients a comfortable, one-on-one environment in which to recover. We never rush our patients through treatments; to allow us to focus on each patient completely, we make a point to only schedule one or two patients each hour, rather than the usual three or four you might find elsewhere.

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