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Physical therapy is used to treat patients using a variety of methods and techniques. Regardless of what techniques are used, the ultimate goal is to assist patients with their medical conditions in an effort to enable them to return to their pre-injury quality of life.

ProFysio Physical Therapy, located in the location of Holmdel NJ, applies modalities best suited to the patient’s conditions.

Exercises are common in physical therapy. They are used to restore strength and range of motion of the affected muscles. ProFysio Physical therapy in Holmdel NJ also assists in improving the patient’s coordination and balance. These exercises are performed with the guidance of a certified physical therapist.

Popular modalities are cold, heat, and massage therapy. Water, electricity, traction, infrared, and ultrasound are other modalities used by ProFysio physical therapy in Holmdel NJ. Applied correctly, these modalities are effective in relieving of pain and reducing swelling.

Other common techniques are manual and aquatic therapy. Manual therapy deals with conditions on musculoskeletal disability and pain. Common applications are manipulation and kneading of muscles, and mobilization and manipulation of the joints.

Aquatic therapy works with the healing characteristics of water. It is very effective for patients whose joints cannot handle added stress.

For ProFysio Physical Therapy, an important part of an effective plan of care is of patient education. This seeks to keep the patient informed in the prevention of re-injury and how to live comfortably with a medical condition like arthritis or osteoporosis.

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