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A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury caused by the head being struck heavily or shaken rapidly, which causes the brain to impact into the side of the skull.

Particularly severe concussions can actually alter the brain’s chemistry, possibly causing immediate, delayed, temporary, and permanent symptoms. Due to the variety of conditions caused by a concussion, it can be difficult for a patient to find reliable treatment.

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At ProFysio Physical Therapy in Monmouth County, we can use gentle yet effective physical therapy services to help patients overcome the lingering side effects of a concussion. In order to ensure that our patients get the correct treatment and never feel rushed through sessions, we never schedule more than two patients in an hour – many other clinics schedule at least three or four. This gives our New Jersey concussion therapy specialists the time to accurately determine the kind of treatment option that will be the most beneficial.

Causes & Symptoms of Concussion Injuries

Concussions can be the outcome of any jarring accident or inherently dangerous activity. There is no age group that is more susceptible to concussions than another, so it is important for everyone to use caution and be aware of potential hazards.

Concussions are most frequently brought up in discussions about:

  • Athletes who have sustained an injury
  • Auto accident victims
  • People harmed by physical abuse or assault
  • Soldiers who were in close proximity to an explosion

Concussion symptoms vary per individual, but are generally divided into three categories:

  • Physical: Headache, nausea and vomiting, dizziness, double or blurred vision, sensitivity to lights or sounds, difficulty speaking and swallowing, fatigue, changes in balance and coordination, and poor sleep patterns.

  • Emotional: Anxiety, depression, irritability, mood swings, restlessness, aggression an d general changes in personality and behavior.

  • Cognitive: Short or long term memory loss, difficulty concentrating at work or school, confusion, general fogginess, and slowed processing.

It is important to realize that not all concussion symptoms will be immediate. Some may be delayed up to an entire year post concussion to start forming or becoming noticeably disabling.

What to Do if You Might Have a Concussion?

Since concussions can be fatal or result in permanent brain damage, it is important that you seek medical attention immediately following a head injury.

Athletes must be immediately removed from play to prevent further brain damage and second impact syndrome – a preventable complication where a second concussion is sustained before the first has healed – and should seek medical attention immediately.

Physical therapists will evaluate and treat the symptoms they discover with a thorough evaluation and prepare an individualized treatment plan for each patient to return to normal sports or activities.

Our Impact Concussion Specialist and Doctor of Physical Therapy will create an individualized treatment program. We will discuss the treatment plan in detail during the initial examination. We would be happy to sit down with you and decide what therapy will be beneficial for your concussion injury.

After you have been diagnosed by your doctor and a concussion has been identified, you can call (732) 812-5200 to speak with a Monmouth County or Middlesex County concussion therapy specialist from our New Jersey clinic.

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