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Do you suffer from chronic lower back pain? Has an injury or illness caused you to experience constant aches in your lower lumbar region? If so, physical therapy may be an effective treatment option to reduce your symptoms and help get you on the road towards a pain-free life.

Many doctors oftentimes refer patients with lower back pain to a physical therapist for a minimum of four weeks of treatment before resorting to more aggressive treatments such as surgery. By performing certain exercises in the affected areas through a custom-tailored physical therapy regimen, patients can often reduce their back pain, increase their range of motion, and develop an effective program to minimize the likelihood of experiencing future back issues. Most importantly, physical therapy can help patients avoid the possibility of life-threatening complications associated with surgery.

Common types of physical therapy for lower back problems include:

1. Passive physical therapy: Also referred to as modalities, passive therapy involves a therapist doing things to a patient rather than having the patient engage in exercise. This includes spinal manipulation, applying heating pads to warm up muscles, using cold compresses to soothe sore tissues, and electrical stimulation.

2. Active physical therapy: Active therapy involves the traditional types of stretches and exercises commonly associated with physical therapy. For lower back issues, this mainly involves lumbar stability exercises, abdominal strength training, posture training, and low-impact aerobics.

How Can Red Cord Exercises Help with Back Pain?

One of the most beneficial types of active therapy for lower back pain is known as “Red Cord” therapy. Red Cord is a suspension system that uses a patient’s own bodyweight as resistance and can be easily adjusted to accommodate for hundreds of different exercises, allowing therapists to utilize a wide range of exercises to fit a patient’s specific needs. According to more than 70 different research studies, patients who are subjected to sling exercises such as Red Cord have shown a noticeable increase in muscle activity and function in over those who performed exercises performed without a suspension system.

Monmouth County Physical Therapists

If you are struggling with persistent back pain, the physical therapists at ProFysio Physical Therapy can help. As the only fellowship trained therapists in Monmouth County, we can provide the individualized and insightful clinical care you need to improve your quality of life. With extensive knowledge in spine rehabilitation, strength conditioning, and massage therapy techniques, we can create a custom-tailored treatment plan that maximizes your chances of achieving positive results.

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