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Treating or alleviating subacute and chronic back pain can be a difficult process, to say the least. Some spinal rehabilitation methods may work wonders for one patient but do little for another. Part of the problem originates that back pain can be caused by one or multiple sources, and each source can create similar symptoms. In order to streamline the process of identifying what is causing a patient’s back pain, and therefore treat it with more efficiency, McKenzie Therapy – or the McKenzie Method – was developed.

Pain Assessment with McKenzie Therapy

The McKenzie Method begins with a unique assessment of a patient’s back pain that involves deliberate motions that either reduce or increase the amount of pain experienced. The motions are meant to mimic the movements the patient would ordinarily go through in day-to-day life, such as sitting at an office chair, climbing out of a raised bed, lifting light workloads, etc. Although it may be uncomfortable at certain points, McKenzie Therapy is a great way to direct a physical therapist’s attention to the right spots on a patient’s back that are actually causing the pain, soreness, and limited mobility. This method can successfully identify skeletal fractures, muscular tears, inflammatory diseases, and more.

After Assessment, Treatment

A patient who undergoes McKenzie Therapy might be treated for their back pain just through the actual process of going through motions. In many cases, the pain is only identified. This makes subsequent treatments easier and more effective, however. In this way, McKenzie Therapy can be seen as a comprehensive starting point for back pain therapy, no matter what the actual treatment method or methods should be.

Keep in mind that the McKenzie Method is not for everyone. For people with known injuries or medical conditions, intentionally locating pain points may worsen the patient’s health or cause inordinate complications. Only a professional physical therapist should be consulted if you are considering using McKenzie Therapy.

At ProFysio Physical Therapy, all of our Aberdeen physical therapists are both fellowship trained and are Doctors of Physical Therapy. You can trust our team to assess your back pain correctly and find a suitable treatment method, whether it is McKenzie Therapy or not. Call 732.333.6360 to schedule your consultation – we accept most insurance plans!

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