Blogs from February, 2016


The Pains of Cronic Soft Tissue Disease

Chronic soft tissue diseases such as tennis elbow, plantar fascitis, patella tendonitis, and achilles tendonitis can be the cause of significant pain and disability. Tendons must be able to withstand the forces generated through muscular loading. However, repetitive and/or excessive overloading such as that experienced with endurance running or poor biomechanics is considered to be the major factor in the development of tendonopathies. Pathological changes such as decreased circulation to the injured tissue, scar tissue formation, and decreased soft tissue integrity all happen with chronic injury and are associated with significant pain for the patient.

Extracoporeal Pulse Activation Technology (EPAT) Treatment

EPAT, or Extracoporeal Pulse Activation Technology, is ahighly effective non-invasive treatment method that has been cleared by the FDA. This technology uses unique pressure waves to stimulate the metabolism, increase blood circulation, and quicken the healing process. Research demonstrates that this treatment can stimulate the body to reverse the very same tissue changes associated with tendonopathy to gradually regenerate and eventually heal the damaged tissue.

Discuss EPAT With Your Doctor and Schedule a Consult With ProFysio

Your doctor of physical therapy is the best person to speak with if you have questions or concerns about the EPAT procedure. He or she has extensive knowledge and specialized training on all aspects of its use, safety, and effectiveness. ProFysio is one of very few providers of this proprietary treatment in Monmouth County. It would be our pleasure to schedule a consultation for you so that you can learn more about the treatment and together with your Doctor decide if it is right for you. There is no obligation and scheduling a consultation in no way constitutes a comitment to move forward with treatment.

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