Blogs from April, 2017


You might’ve heard someone at the gym referencing “core strengthening” exercises, but you might not know what that meant at the time. The “core” of the body is the abdominal region, glutes, and back muscles. These areas make up the central portion of your body and help provide steadiness to your movement. Athletes who lack core strength might have poor control and stability, which can often result in injury.

For a sport like running, the core controls the force that is produced to prevent damage. For instance, if someone trips while running, good core strength will provide them with enough balance and reaction time to right themselves, rather than fall over. Core strength has also been shown to improve performance. Additionally, women have been shown to demonstrate a greater risk of knee injury because of greater hip/ core weakness leading to poor landing.

In order to become a better athlete who is more resistant to wear and tear, it might be time to start doing core-strengthening exercises at home or at the gym. Some of these exercises include abdominal crunches, bridge, abdominal press variations, and modified plank.

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