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Studies suggest that people who suffer from arthritis experience more mobility restriction than anyone else. If you’re one of them, you know the pain is no joke. So, what can you do to help ease the pain? Below, we discuss a series of physical therapy-based techniques that may help lessen the discomfort you experience from chronic arthritis.

The goal: To help our patients reach a point where they are once again able to perform everyday activities without difficulty.

Physical therapy offers individuals with arthritis a new hope for joint pain relief. While it can’t reverse the changes of arthritic degeneration, it can change the way the pain is experienced, making it easier to execute normal daily functions.

Techniques to Alleviate Pain & Discomfort Caused by Arthritis

Key to the treatment of arthritis through physical therapy is the fact that people who suffer often have stiff joints. This is because they tend to avoid any major movement that might increase their pain level. Unfortunately, this logic doesn’t work in the long run. Because stiffness gets worse when movement is restricted, the pain for arthritis sufferers will actually increase when the body remains immobile. This is where physical therapy comes into play.

Physical therapists can use any number of techniques to restore joint mobility and decrease pain. Very often, a combination of different techniques is used to bring about optimal change. Common methods of treatment include, but are not limited to:

  • Stretches and massages that move the joints and promote function and range of motion
  • Positioning the body to protect joints and avoid the onset of stiffness and pain
  • Relearning how to complete everyday tasks in a way that is safer for your joints

During your physical therapy sessions, you will learn the best methods for pain management (these may look different for different patients). Whether it’s a new way to complete an old task or instruction on how to use a hot or cold compress, your physical therapist will teach you effective strategies for living with your pain.

Keep in mind that improvement is gradual and will not happen overnight. Physical therapy sessions are typically short (an hour or less) and will vary in frequency depending on your needs. The methods are most effective when safely practiced at home as well.

ProFysio Physical Therapy treats arthritis patients in Aberdeen and Holmdel. If you would like to schedule an appointment at one of our offices, call us at (732) 333-6360.

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