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The benefits of physical therapy are undeniable. From shortening recovery times following an injury or surgery to improving stamina, participating in a custom-tailored physical therapy regimen under the supervision of a licensed therapist can greatly improve your quality of life. On the flipside, physical therapy can be and equally unpleasant experience if the clinic or doctors providing treatment are not up to par. Unfortunately, given the vast selection of clinics and doctors out there, it can be difficult to find a physical therapist that meets your needs. To help save you from a negative physical therapy experience and possible further injury, it is vital you look for the following warning signs when searching for a physical therapy clinic.

  1. Your therapist rarely speaks to you: Physical therapy often produces the best results when a doctor and patient have a positive relationship and are able to work together towards the patient’s needs. While you don’t need to be best friends with your doctor, you should at least feel comfortable speaking to them, and they should be aware of your needs. While it is certainly possible to have a positive physical therapy experience with minimal communication, if you are attending your third or fourth session and you can’t even remember their name, it may be time to find someone else.
  2. Your therapist does not listen to your needs: Along the same lines, your physical therapist should listen to you and change your rehab program accordingly to fit your needs. While there is a certain level of manageable discomfort involved in physical therapy, if your therapist is recommending a regimen which is extraordinarily painful for you and refuses to budge, you may want to look elsewhere.
  3. You have trouble making an appointment: Countless studies have shown that the earlier you start physical therapy, the more favorable your results will likely be. If you call a physical therapy clinic and need to wait more than a few weeks for an appointment, you can likely expect the rest of your treatment to have equally long wait times.
  4. Your therapist is not licensed: Physical therapy may only legally be performed by doctors and assistants that are licensed by the state in which they practice. Unfortunately, many clinics hire unlicensed athletic trainers, aides, or rehab technicians to help therapists manage patient flow. This can not only result in subpar care, but it can also expose you to the possibility of actually worsening your condition by engaging in inappropriate exercises.
  5. Improper billing and charges: Most physical therapists in the United States are paid by third party insurance companies, with patients receiving an “Explanation of Benefits” following treatment outlining the treatments they received and their associated coverage. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous clinics may fraudulently overcharge for services or charge for treatments patients never even received. If you notice consistently suspicious charges from your therapist, find a new clinic as soon as possible and contact your insurance company.

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