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Massage therapy has the potential to catalyze recovery for injured athletes. It is designed to alleviate tension, tightness, and muscle strain by targeting specific muscle groups and promoting relaxation and circulation throughout the entire body. Aside from its calming, therapeutic effects, it also provides some great benefits for injured athletes who are hoping to get back in the game:

  1. Better circulation: Deep tissue massages have been known to stimulate and improve the flow of blood and important nutrients throughout the body. Because blood is the delivery system for oxygen and other important nutrients, adequate blood and lymph flow to the affected area is crucial to making a timely recovery after you have sustained an injury. Massage therapy also diffuses lactic and uric acid buildup, which decreases pain.
  2. Maintain and improve functional movement: Tension tends to build up during the period of disuse that typically follows a sports-related injury. This tension has the potential to create weakness, inhibition, and altered functional motion patterns that can lead to more injuries later. However, massage therapy can release tension and ensure you don’t develop any compensatory or harmful ways of moving or using different muscle groups.
  3. Prevention of further injury: By undergoing massage therapy, you decrease your chances of over-training and re-injury, both of which can decrease your ability to build muscle and get back to your previous level of athletic performance.

If you are an athlete who has been held back by an injury, don’t let pain, strain, or discomfort keep you from getting back to functioning at your full athletic capacity. Depending on the location and severity of your injury, massage therapy could be your ticket to a speedy recovery.

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