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If you are considering physical therapy, you are likely suffering pain from an injury, condition, or are recovering from surgery. To achieve maximum recovery and function, you will want to get the most out of your physical therapy sessions. Here are some tips that will set you on the right path for a speedy, effective, and easier recovery process as you work with your physical therapist:

1.Describe the type of pain you are having: Your therapist cannot know what you are feeling, so you need to be precise about the type of pain you are experiencing. It might seem sufficient to simply say that you are in pain, but differentiating between the subtle differences can be immensely helpful. Is the pain you are experiencing throbbing, sharp, stabbing, mild, or severe? Ask yourself these questions before you visit your physical therapist, so you can provide the best possible answers that will ensure the treatment you receive appropriately addresses what you are feeling. You should also be prepared to give a status report every session, so consider creating a journal to describe your pain and if engaging in a particular activity aggravated it.

2.See the same physical therapist every time: Consistency is critical in physical therapy. If you see a new person every time, he or she might attempt to try things that previously did not produce results. You need to go on your treatment and recovery journey with the same person since he or she will have already developed a better understanding of your symptoms and what approaches and treatments might suit you best.

3.Make sure your physical therapist writes things down: If you cannot see the same physical therapist every session, make sure he or she writes things down every session to ensure you do not have to start anew with the next person you see. You do not want a session to go to waste simply because there is no record of what was discussed.

4.Do all of your exercises: This should go without saying, but the only person you are cheating when you skip exercises or sneak in something you are not supposed to do is yourself. If you expect results from physical therapy, you have to put in the work.

5.Find ways to take care of yourself and prevent further injuries: Work out a maintenance routine and make sure you stick to it. For some, this might mean getting massages regularly. Whatever you need to do to take extra care of yourself, do it. It will be worth it.

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Physical therapy is an effective treatment option to relieve pain, improve mobility, and restore maximum daily function. If you are experiencing pain, have sustained an injury, are recovering from surgery, or are suffering from chronic joint pain, ProFysio offers a wide range of physical therapy services so you can achieve maximum recovery and function.

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