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Physical therapy can address a wide range of injuries, including a torn meniscus. This type of tear is a common knee joint injury and how well it heals and if surgery is required will depend on the extent of the tear. To achieve maximum recovery and functionality, you will work with a physical therapist who will also instruct you to perform certain exercises at home to achieve results. It is crucial that you heed all of his or her advice to ensure you reach your rehab goals.

To treat your torn meniscus, your physical therapy program will include a coordinated program of physical therapy and home exercises, which will further your knee’s healing progress and assist you in resuming your usual activities. Additionally, your treatment will help build strength and improve flexibility in your knee and legs, which can be instrumental in preventing future degeneration in your knee.

How Can Exercise Heal My Meniscus?

First and foremost, exercises should only be done with your physical therapist’s permission and only If you feel minimal or no pain while performing them at home.

Some of the exercises your physical therapist might recommend for your torn meniscus include:

  • Quad sets, which help you build and maintain strength in the muscles on top of your thigh.
  • Hamstring curls, which will strengthen the muscles in the back of your thigh.
  • Heel raises, which strengthen the calf muscles.
  • Heel dig bridging, which works your hamstrings and the muscles around your lower body and hips.
  • Shallow standing knee bends, which strength the muscles on top of your thigh.

You will likely have to do several repetitions of each of these exercises. However, your physical therapist will advise you to perform these exercises only if they do not cause you any pain or cause very minimal pain.

Monmouth County Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine

At ProFysio, our premier clinic is ready to address the symptoms of your torn meniscus or any other sports injury you might have sustained. Our comprehensive 1 on 1 treatment method can improve your flexibility, range of motion, strength, and mobility. If you are experiencing pain or sustained an injury, reach out to us today for the help you deserve. We accept most insurance plans!

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