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Whether you’ve suffered an injury or you’re tired of dealing with chronic pain, sometimes, surgery is a necessary step to healing and living pain-free. Besides typical pre and post-op care, you likely would benefit from scheduling some physical therapy before and after surgery to help ease your recovery — yes, we said before, too.

Why You Should Get Physical Therapy Before Surgery

You’ve probably heard the term “rehabilitation” before, but now let us introduce you to “prehabilitation.” Receiving physical therapy before your surgery can offer a lot of benefits, such as:

Prevent Further Injury

You likely won’t stay immobile during the time leading up to your surgery, so proper PT can help prevent worsening your injury.

Better Surgical Outcomes

Physical therapy can help prime your muscles and joints for surgery by improving their strength and flexibility. This, in turn, helps achieve a better outcome during your surgery.

Easier Recovery

By practicing a few physical therapy exercises weeks prior to your surgery, you will likely experience an easier and faster recovery. In fact, some patients who’ve done pre-hab have not needed to spend time in an inpatient rehabilitation center after their surgeries.

Emotional and Mental Support

Sometimes, the most frustrating part of getting surgery is realizing how limited you are in doing certain, everyday activities. Your physical therapist can prepare you for the specific motions you’ll need to do in order to move around after your surgery. Knowing the road ahead and how to travel it can put you more at ease heading into surgery.

Why You Should Get Physical Therapy Before Surgery

Faster Recovery

The sooner you begin physical therapy after surgery, the better. This is because you want to get your muscles and joints moving to avoid further discomfort.

Avoid Blood Clots

A common issue patients have after surgery is that a lack of mobility and proper circulation can lead to dangerous blood clots. PT can help improve your circulation and avoid this issue.

Improve Mobility

Without proper post-surgery care and physical therapy, you likely won’t move around that much, leaving you feeling rigid and stiff. PT helps bring proper mobility and flexibility back to your muscles.

Our Holmdel physical therapists use only the most advanced, state-of-the-art equipment to aid patients in their recovery. We work with each patient to prescribe a customized regimen and treatment plan that is right for their health issue.

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