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There are plenty of ergonomic devices out there, from scissors to mousepads, and there is plenty of talk about making the average workstation more comfortable—but workplaces ergonomics do not depend entirely on having the right devices. Here are a few great ways to resolve any potential ergonomic issues that might be causing you pain at work:

  1. Evaluate your chair. Check to make sure your chair is adjusted to ensure you are sitting at a 90-degree angle and that your chair fits the natural curvature of your back. Sit in your chair normally and assess the position of your thighs and feet. Make sure your thighs are parallel to the floor and that your feet are fully supported and touching the floor or a comfortable foot rest.
  2. Evaluate your posture. When working, check to see if you are craning your neck or tilting your chin up. Also take note of your shoulders as you work and see if they are turned forward or slumped. Avoid crossing your legs or ankles, as these can cause back or muscle problems.
  3. Evaluate your breaks. Even if you have an ergonomic desk, keyboard, chair, mouse, coffee cup, and monitor, you can still injure yourself by not resting from time to time. Taking active micro-breaks and stretch breaks and practicing deep breathing can all help increase blood flow, encourage proper posture, and even improve work performance.

You may have a problem if you find yourself contorting or changing your posture in order to suit your workstation or if you are experiencing back, neck, or eye pain as a result of your work. When you notice a problem, it is important to take positive steps toward better posture, less pain, and a more ergonomic workstation—and we are here to help you do it.

Get an Ergonomics Assessment from a Monmouth County Physical Therapist

At ProFysio Physical Therapy, we offer ergonomics assessments for our clients who struggle to make their workplace more comfortable. We also provide spine rehabilitation and physical therapy for back pain for people whose posture and work environment contribute to their discomfort. If that sounds like you, schedule an appointment with one of our Monmouth County physical therapists as soon as possible to get started.

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