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Common Causes of Tightness in the Hips

The reasons behind tight hips aren’t always clear. However, tight hips typically stem from weak hip flexors and weak, under-utilized muscles in the surrounding areas. Sitting down for hours on end can also contribute to hip tightness by causing them to contract for prolonged amounts of time. This can cause the hip flexor muscles to become shorter, tighter, and less able to move as they ought.

Negative Effects of Tight Hips

When your hip flexors and strained and tight, it can have negative effects on your posture and create various secondary issues. Tight hips can cause your back to become stiff and push your pelvis forward, causing a painful posture abnormality called anterior pelvic tilt.

It can also cause poor circulation in your legs, which can weaken the muscles, bones, and connective tissues therein, making you more prone to injury and discomfort.

Compassionate, Experienced Physical Therapists in Aberdeen, Holmdel, and Old Bridge

Physical therapy offers a number of great benefits for people suffering from tight hips. It allows you to correct the negative effects that tightness can have on your posture by undergoing spine rehabilitation. It also gives you the opportunity to utilize treatments and exercises geared toward strengthening your hips, lower body, and back.

At ProFysio Physical Therapy, we have the knowledge and expertise necessary to identify the source of your tightness and pain and alleviate your discomfort through gentle, effective treatment. Our physical therapy team makes time for each individual patient by scheduling no more than 2 appointments per hour so we can provide you with the attentive care you need.

If you have tight hips that are causing you pain, we can help. Call (732) 333-6360 or click here to find your nearest ProFysio location.

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