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Get Rid of Neck & Shoulder Tension with These Simple Moves

Working at a desk or computer all day can leave you stiff, uncomfortable, and in pain. If it persists, such pain can keep you from sleeping, exercising, remaining productive, and enjoying your life. Whether you’re trying to avoid stiffness or seeking to reduce your current level of discomfort at work, there are a few stretches that may help.

Next time you start feeling pain in your neck or shoulders at work, try out these 3 stretches:

  • Spinal twist: Spinal flexibility is key to remaining as youthful, energetic, and active as possible. While you may not be able to avoid the fact that your job requires you to remain seated or spend time on a computer, you can keep it from causing you to stiffen up. Next time you’re at your desk chair, sit up straight and turn sideways in your seat. With your feet planted on the floor, gently turn your shoulders so that they are parallel to the back of your chair.
  • Forward fold: Lower back pain is one of the top complaints among working adults in America. However, most people don’t know that lower back pain often originates elsewhere, such as in the hamstrings, which tighten up during prolonged periods of sitting and pull on the lower back muscles. This lower back pain can lead to overcompensation in the upper body and poor posture, which can directly cause neck and shoulder pain as well. You can keep your lower body loose by standing up straight, planting your feet firmly on the ground, bending forward from the hips, and allowing your arms to dangle.
  • Neck rolls: This is perhaps one of the easiest neck and shoulder stretches out there, but it must be done with great caution. Sit up straight, pull your chin to your chest, and slowly roll your head to either side as if you are trying to touch your ears to your shoulders.

Physical therapy may be more effective if your neck or shoulder pain is disrupting your life. Meeting with an experienced physical therapist will help you reduce your pain, identify the cause, and develop a plan to prevent future discomfort and injury.

Suffering from Repetitive Stress Injuries Related to Your Desk Job? We Can Help.

At ProFysio Physical Therapy, we provide physical therapy for injuries of all kinds, including those that develop through office work, such as carpal tunnel, shoulder tightness, and neck pain. If your job requires you to work on a computer or remain seated for long hours at your desk, be sure to keep an eye out for signs of repetitive stress injuries and act to counter the effects as soon as possible. Reach out to one of our Aberdeen physical therapists and schedule your complimentary consultation.

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