Blogs from December, 2019

In many instances, injured adults will go to their primary care physician when they experience pain or discomfort in an effort to get well again. The doctor provides a diagnosis, sometimes gives the patient some at-home stretches to do, and sends them on their way. Rarely, they would recommend seeing a physical therapist. These days, patients have a wide variety of choices to select a provider to help with aches and pain relief, from massage therapy to chiropractic and bodywork practitioners.

Since 2003, physical therapy in New Jersey has been “Direct Access,” meaning you have the freedom to choose a physical therapist without a physician’s referral or prescription. With Direct Access, you can skip all the appointment scheduling and get out of pain more quickly than if you had to wait for the doctor’s prescription.

One recent study from the journal of Health Services Research found that patients who went directly to a physical therapist for outpatient care had fewer visits and lower overall healthcare costs than those who first needed to get a physician’s referral. The study suggested that getting a referral from a doctor first was unnecessary. The study is noteworthy, because physical therapists offer a significant portion of outpatient care in the United States, but many health insurance plans still require a physician’s referral or prescription outside of New Jersey.

There are many benefits of Direct Access, including how you’ll be able to save your time and money and recover faster. At ProFysio, you’ll receive expert healthcare from extensively educated doctors of physical therapy who have the clinical training to provide expert evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis, and help for patients who have functional limitations, impairments, and/or disabilities. Learn more about our physical therapists here.

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