Blogs from December, 2019

When you decide it’s time to start physical therapy, you may not know what your goals are, other than you want to be out of pain. You may not even be aware of what a physical therapist does, but we can clear up the confusion. Physical therapy involves any kind of exercise or movement intended to treat an injury or to restore bodily movement.

Physical therapy is a common treatment for many ailments, but particularly arthritis, tendinitis, muscle strains, post-operation rehabilitation, and sports-induced sprains and strains. You could be in physical therapy for many issues, such as recovering from a broken hip, carpal tunnel physical therapy, physical therapy for edema, and anything in-between.

While physical therapy goals vary by the purpose of what you’re looking to achieve, the 3 primary goals related to the stages of treatment include:

  • Rehabilitation and recovery: No matter the condition that brought you to physical therapy, the goal is to bring you closer to a neutral state free of movement restriction and pain. You’ll get a comprehensive physical therapy treatment plan to facilitate healing to progress to recovery or stabilization of your condition.
  • Optimal function and body movement: Treatment will be personalized to your condition, goals, and physical ability level to restore a level of physical movement conducive to your needs. People will have different goals depending on their needs, for example, an elderly person who has fractured a bone will have much different goals from an athlete in their 20s who had tendinitis.
  • Injury prevention: This is especially important for athletes or those who lead an active lifestyle. Treatment includes resistance training, dynamic stretching, and practicing movement in proper form.

No matter your treatment goals, physical therapy is effective to treat a variety of conditions and injuries. Thanks to the diverse range of treatments we offer at ProFysio, we can minimize your discomfort so you can live pain-free.

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