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About Arthritis Pain

An estimated 27 million Americans suffer with a form of Osteoarthritis (OA). OA is the most common form of arthritis and is usually caused by the deterioration of the joint of the articular cartilage. Risk factors associated with OA include trauma, previous surgery involving joints, obesity, and a lifestyle that excessively loads or stresses the joint. The weight-bearing joints are often affected, with the knee and the hip being the most common.

Many people struggling with lower extremity arthritis-related pain may feel hopeless in their efforts to manage it or may feel obligated to have surgery. With help from our dedicated team of physical therapists in East Brunswick, this does not have to be the case. We will walk you through the most successful plans of action that have worked for our patients in the past.

Some of our recommendations might include:

Establishing a routine designed to achieve weight loss. We understand that this can be difficult to accomplish for a variety of reasons. However, there is no question that losing weight is one of the most effective means of relieving stress to the lower extremity joints and also contributes to improvement of overall health, quality of life, and decreased arthritis-related pain.

Losing as little as 10-15 pounds can help decrease pain levels significantly. Our specialists can make this journey easier by establishing an exercise routine tailored for your specific needs. We can also recommend nutritionists who will help manage calorie intake and encourage a diet centered around fresh foods, fiber, and nutrient-dense consumption. Combining these lifestyle changes should get you on the path to weight loss, which typically helps alleviate arthritis pain tremendously.

Alternating between hot and cold applications. If you are experiencing acute joint pain, the alternation of hot and cold pads or water helps to provide relief. Brief applications of heating pads, hot baths and showers, and paraffin wax are all effective techniques. In addition, after exercise, using cold ice packs can help alleviate pain and inflammation.

Creating exercise habits. Research has shown that light to moderate activities are beneficial to the joints and help promote weight loss. It is essential to choose an ideal exercise for your condition, body type, and any other notable limitations, and that is where our individualized plans in East Brunswick will help. There is no “one-size-fits all” approach to exercise. Our experts have the experience necessary to create a plan tailored to help improve your specific issues. Recommendations might include light walking, pool exercise, and low-impact cycling.

When we evaluate and review your radiographic imaging, it will help us determine the severity of your arthritis and the movements or exercises that will benefit your condition. We also offer TeleHealth as a treatment option and are flexible with accepting a variety of insurance plans. If you suffer from arthritis, we recommend taking advantage of the convenience and accessibility of this service and look forward to providing significant pain relief.

Implementing manual therapy. Manual therapy is a hands-on treatment directed to a joint for the purpose of improved circulation, decreasing pain, and improving mobility. This treatment is also known as joint mobilization and can provide significant relief to patients struggling with arthritis-related pain. It is typically performed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, or a Doctor of Chiropractic. Joint mobilization normalizes range of motion and ground reaction forces, which are forces exerted by the ground to the body that contacts it. In effect, your body will experience reduced stress to the arthritic joint and decreased pain levels. You will also be well-equipped to sustain a normal load from daily activity without undue stress and fatigue to the affected joint.

Preparation for surgery and rehabilitation post-operation. Although this is typically a last resort, in some cases of advanced arthritis, it is necessary. In severe instances like this when other treatments and management strategies have not been successful, we will walk you through your options and recommend consulting with an orthopedic surgeon. We understand that surgical intervention for arthritis can be intimidating. The good news is that it can have a dramatically positive impact on pain levels and quality of life, especially when it comes to joint replacement.

To achieve optimal results, post-surgery rehabilitation is crucial. Our physical therapists at ProFysio in East Brunswick will provide personalized care with a Doctor of Physical Therapy to make sure your healing process begins on the right track and stays there.

If you are looking for relief from arthritis-related pain, schedule an appointment with one of our physical therapists at ProFysio in East Brunswick today by calling (732) 812-5200, or contact us online.