Blogs from June, 2020


The Importance of Stretching

The ultimate goal of physical therapy is to focus on improving the body’s overall well-being with the most advanced technologies. However, many often forget how beneficial a simple stretching routine can be if incorporated into your daily life. Stretching can keep your muscles healthy, strong, and flexible, and all 3 of these are key factors in having an optimal range of motion in the body.

The Advantages of Stretching Every Day

By frequently lengthening targeted muscles, stretching allows you to warm-up the body, other benefits include:

  • Improved flexibility: Many shy away from regular exercise or have apprehension about undergoing physical therapy because they’re afraid of lingering soreness due to overexertion. Stretching before and after sessions of activity has been proven to increase flexibility, which minimizes aches.
  • Better blood circulation: There are plenty of problems that can arise if you have poor blood circulation. Daily stretching may improve your blood circulation to help alleviate all of these issues.
  • Greater coordination: Stretching can help with your coordination, especially if you are someone that struggles with balancing. This can improve your posture and make tasks easier around the house or at work.
  • Fixed Posture: Chronic back pain often requires extensive spinal rehabilitation therapy to address. Routine stretches can eliminate back pain before it begins by correcting your posture and minimizing the discomfort your back experiences throughout a typical day.
  • Reduced anxiety: Many different forms of physical therapy, simple stretches can help you deal with and dispel stress. A general lessening of joint pain and body stiffness frees up the mind to better manage other issues, resulting in stress relief.

We recommend stretching with a professional, rather than on your own at first. Physical therapists can guide you based on your specific needs, goals, and unique medical background.

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