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Physical Therapy

Scheduling a physical therapy checkup after giving birth can help you receive any necessary care to get back your desired level of physical activity. After carrying a baby for several months, your musculoskeletal structure may benefit from physical therapy to restore your range of motion and your muscle strength to normal. Addressing spinal issues right away can minimize your recovery time and support your natural healing process. Comprehensive spine rehabilitation can help you perform your day-to-day activities including caring for your baby, more comfortably.

#1 Reduce Back Pain

Experiencing upper and/or lower back pain post-partum is common, including sciatica. Pregnancy back pain may not resolve on its own after you give birth. You may also have started dealing with back pain as a result of labor and delivery, including after a c-section.

If your core muscles have stretched or your lumbar curve has increased, a physical therapist can establish a detailed diagnosis and tailor a treatment to your needs. Your physical therapy regimen can include in-office exercises and manipulations, and at-home stretches and simple movements, to help restore your spinal health.

Addressing postpartum back pain can prevent it from becoming chronic and reduce it altogether. Managing and eliminating your back pain can help you be more active during the daytime and get better sleep at night, which supports a healthier life.

#2 Improve Posture

During pregnancy and birth, your ligaments can become laxer up to several months post-partum. Your hip flexors and lower back muscles often end in a shortened position after birth too. These various factors can impact your posture and lead to uneven pressure on your lower back or regular slouching. If this happens, seeing a physical therapist for diagnosis and treatment can help restore your posture.

Adequate posture offers many benefits for your spinal and overall health, including:

  • Increased airflow
  • Higher energy levels
  • Reduced or eliminated pain in your upper and lower back, neck, and shoulders
  • Feeling and looking more relaxed

#3 Exercise Again

Reducing or eliminating back pain and improving your posture can help you regain a better range of motion and perform many tasks more comfortably. Your physical therapy treatment can help you gradually increase your activity levels, so you can take care of yourself and your family and do the things you love again.

Your physical therapist’s experience helps them tailor exercises and other therapy components to your specific needs. By addressing impairments via specific exercises and soft tissue mobilization, physical therapy can improve your coordination, balance, mobility, and flexibility improve. This allows you to engage in workouts safely and build your strength back.

What Can I Expect During My PT Treatment?

Once your physical therapist has performed a thorough assessment of your situation during your initial appointment, you can start your treatment, which can require two in-office weekly sessions over several weeks.

Post-partum physical therapy can include:

  • Neuromuscular re-education techniques to improve spinal and core stability
  • Joint mobilization exercises
  • Learning about effective body mechanics for daily motherhood tasks like lifting and carrying your baby

Your physical therapist also demonstrates stretches and exercises you can do at home to improve and maintain your progress between visits. They may also recommend hot and cold therapy to manage back pain and stiffness.

If necessary, your provider can also recommend sleep adjustments to improve the quality of your rest, which has a lot of benefits for your health and energy levels. They typically track your progress and adjust treatment components as your health improves.

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