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Woman walking on parallel bars with physical therapist.

Here to Help You Heal

Physical therapy is a crucial part of recovery after an injury or surgery, as it can significantly improve your mobility, strength, and overall quality of life. There are many ways in which physical therapy can help you get back on your feet after an injury or surgery.

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Increased Strength and Function

After surgery or an injury, physical therapy can help you regain strength and function in the injured area(s). A well-structured physical therapy program includes exercises that stretch and strengthen muscles, helping restore function and flexibility.

Improved Balance and Stability

In addition to strengthening the affected area, physical therapy improves overall balance and stability by strengthening the core, back, and pelvis muscles. This is particularly important following a surgical procedure that hinders the ability to walk, as these areas are essential for maintaining balance.

Reduced Pain and Swelling

Physical therapy is often recommended to help patients reduce pain and swelling after surgery or physical trauma. Techniques like tissue massage can break up scar tissue and help regain joint mobility, which can alleviate discomfort.

Prevention of Future Injuries

Physical therapy doesn't just help you recover from your current injury or surgery – it also plays a vital role in preventing future problems from occurring. By strengthening your muscles and improving your overall balance and stability, physical therapy can help prevent future injuries and help you maintain your health.

Assistance with Daily Tasks

Injuries and surgery can limit your mobility, making simple tasks like eating, writing, walking, or even balancing the body a challenge. Physical therapy helps you gradually regain these abilities, allowing you to return to your daily activities safely and comfortably.

Get Back to Your Daily Life with ProFysio Physical Therapy

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