New Treatment for Chronic Pain:  Dry Needling

New Treatment for Chronic Pain: Dry Needling

Chronic pain sufferers are all too familiar with the revolving door of doctor’s appointments, conflicting diagnoses, and seemingly endless treatment options. Some find successful treatment for their pain but unfortunately, most do not. Chronic pain has been a growing concern in our country, with an estimated 100 million individuals afflicted by it. Odds are that you or someone you know suffers with daily and debilitating pain.

Myofascial Pain Syndrome (MPS)

One such cause of chronic pain is called Myofascial Pain Syndrome (MPS). Patients affected by this condition typically experience knots or tender spots on various parts of their body, known as Myofascial Trigger Points. Their trigger points may not have a definitive cause (no injury, accident, or trauma that started the pain) but can severely impact daily function and quality of life.

Fortunately, new research is emerging on more effective treatment of MPS. A recent systematic review published in 2016 by the Journal of Manual and Manipulative Therapy confirmed that Trigger Point Dry Needling is effective in treatment of Myofascial Trigger Points in multiple body areas. This study helps showcase a rapidly growing body of literature on successful treatment of MPS using Dry Needling.

What is Dry Needling?

The question I am sure you are asking yourself now is, what is Dry Needling? Dry Needling is the insertion of a very thin needle into and around a Myofascial Trigger Point. This form of treatment has multiple effects that include release of the Myofascial Trigger point, breakdown of adhesions in the muscle, reduction in pain and inflammation, and relaxation of the local and central nervous system. The principles of Dry Needling are founded on anatomy and the role of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems on pain.

At ProFysio Physical Therapy, Dr. Erik Hums, DPT, FAAOMPT, CSCS, is certified in Integrative Dry Needling.