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Physical therapy, defined, is a branch of rehabilitative medicine that applies different forms of exercises, assistive equipment, and tools. It is easy to find a reputable physical therapy clinic in Aberdeen NJ. ProFysio Physical Therapy can assist patients in regaining or improving their physical disabilities caused by injuries, surgeries and/or illnesses.

ProFysio Physical Therapy goal is to restore the ability of the patient to fully function by minimizing physical impairment, and functional limitations. For patient with limited movement, with or without pain is experience, physical therapy is often recommended as treatment.

Here is what to expect from physical therapy, Aberdeen NJ:

First is the initial evaluation. This is done thoroughly so the necessary services and care of plan for the patient can be determined. It is common to have some measures and tests performed to validate the recommendations of the physical therapist.

Once the patient’s medical condition has been established, physical therapy will deal with pain reduction. A combination of modalities can be used like ice or heat, ice deemed fit by the physical therapist.

Second is the patient plan of care. It is discussed to the patient so that he or she will fully understand and commit to it. The progress of the program is accessed regularly. If the desired results are not achieved, then a re-evaluation might be required and the plan of care modified.

Once a patient completes the plan of care for physical therapy in Aberdeen, NJ, he can be provided with home exercises he can safely perform at home. These exercises should be done regularly to maintain muscle strength and prevent any repeat of the injury.

An important of physical therapy in Aberdeen NJ is patient education. The importance of educating the patient on the condition, its causes, and how to prevent its reoccurrence should not underestimated. If required, the home of the patient can be assessed to support any necessary lifestyle change needed to make life easier even with an illness. An example of this is a patient who is living with arthritis and or chronic low back pain who might need new furniture or arrangement.

Education can be especially important and vital for patients recovering from major surgeries to ensure that any re-injury can be prevented. For ACL patients, certain activities should be avoided.

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