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After being in a car accident, whether severe or minor, people tend to report having some sort of lingering pain, aches, and soreness as a direct result of their related injuries. Some people could experience difficulty walking if they broke a leg bone, others may have periodic sharp pains in their back if they injured their spine, and so on. No matter what the consequence, it is not good and it should be treated sooner than later.

Doctors often turn to expensive and risky surgery to try to cure chronic pains from car accident injuries. Either that or they want to put their patients on strong medications for the rest of their lives. If both of these options understandably do not appeal to you, it is time to consider physical therapy and other similar treatments.

Safe, Effective & Relaxing Treatment Options

Physical therapy has long been regarded as one of the best ways to alleviate or lessen aches and pains without the need for complicated and potentially-dangerous procedures. If you have been in a car accident and are feeling persistent soreness, inflammation, or sensitivity in an affected area, there is sure to be a physical therapy option that will work to help you.

People who suffered a back or neck injury, such as whiplash, from their car accident may want to consider spine rehabilitation, which gently and gradually realigns and strengthens the spinal column. Those who experience frequent headaches and sudden vertigo after being in a crash may wish to consider vestibular and balance rehabilitation. Even those who lost most of the use in one of their limbs due to a bone break can benefit from physical therapy by enrolling in a strength and conditioning course. The options really are as numerous as they are effective and stress-free.

If you have been in a car accident and are looking for treatment options for your prolonged aches and pain, you should contact ProFysio and our Monmouth County physical therapists. We currently have five accredited doctors on staff to evaluate your conditions and determine the best ways to treat them. Give us a call at 732.333.6360 to schedule a completely personalphysical therapy consultation today.

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