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If you have been injured while at work, it is likely that you have heard about physical therapy as an option to assist in your rehabilitation. Many people may incorrectly assume that physical therapy is only for athletes or patients who are recovering from surgery, but it can be helpful to anyone who is experiencing pain or discomfort. An injury in the workplace is a common reason for a person to seek physical therapy and there are a multitude of work-related injuries which therapy can help with.

Physical therapy can help to treat work related injuries including:

  • Back pain: Lower back pain is among the most common injuries in the workplace and is reported by nearly 1-in-4 Americans. Treatments such as spine rehabilitation as well as posture training can help to alleviate pain and conditions leading to further injury. If left untreated, back pain can lead to missed work or even disability.
  • Joint paint: Basic movement can be a requirement in performing many day to day job duties. For those who are experiencing joint pain such as arthritis, getting around can be challenging. A physical therapist can create tailored exercise plans to help you improve your flexibility, strength, and area of movement. Manual therapy, the message and mobilization of the joints, can also help to reduce pain.
  • Minor aches and pains: An injury does not have to be serious in order for physical therapy to be helpful. By treating minor aches early on, you can prevent serious injuries before they occur. Services such as therapeutic massage and strength training can help the body to better repair damages and help you to discover problems before they become serious health issues.
  • Injuries from repetitive motion: Many workers are likely to perform repetitive tasks, such as typing, which can lead to carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, and tendonitis. During a physical therapy session, patients can learn proper body mechanics as well as stretching techniques to relieve stress on the body and prevent injuries. A physical therapist can also recommend environmental changes or ergonomic equipment which can help with your situation.
  • Stress relief: Experiencing an injury of any kind can be stressful and one of the main benefits of physical therapy is to relieve to body of stress. Massage therapy is perhaps one of the most popular physical therapy treatments for stress relief and relaxation. This treatment can be also used alongside your physical therapy program to help treat pain by relieving muscle tension, enhancing blood circulation, and promoting tissue regeneration.

Patient education is an important part of any good physical therapy session and performing exercise at home is key to a successful recovery. A properly trained physical therapist can show you how to properly execute movements to maximize the benefit of your training and decrease the risk of future injury in the workplace.

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