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If you suffer from the pain, numbness, tingling, and cramping associated with sciatica, which is often caused by a herniated disc, stenosis, or misalignment of the pelvis, physical therapy can be effective in addressing your symptoms. Sciatica is a condition commonly experienced by those who have lower back problems and originates in the sciatic nerve, extending throughout the back of the leg to the foot. Symptoms of sciatica can be so severe that they cause a burning sensation and weakness in the muscles of the leg.

How Can a Physical Therapist Help?

There are many techniques and forms of treatment employed by physical therapists to help those with sciatica. This includes McKenzie-based mechanical diagnosis and therapy, muscle energy techniques, mobilizations, spinal stabilization and core strengthening exercises, nerve slides, or traction. Many individuals tend to respond to moving in a particular direction. While some might feel better with exercises that require them to move in a backward position, others might respond best to bending in a forward position. As such, physical therapy works best for individuals suffering from sciatica when it is tailored to their needs since this condition varies from person to person. To provide the best possible treatment, your physical therapist will have to perform a thorough evaluation to determine the best approach to relieving your pain.

If you have sciatica, or believe you might have this painful condition, see a physical therapist to find out which exercises and therapies will work best to treat its symptoms.

Monmouth County Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine

At ProFysio, our premier clinic offers a wide range of physical therapy services and can help address the symptoms of your sciatic nerve pain. We provide 1 on 1 individualized treatment combined with unmatched customer care, so every individual who turns to us for help can achieve maximum recovery and function. Unlike our competitors, we pride ourselves on offering attentive service that is never rushed.

Request a consultation with a physical therapist today. Call us at (732) 333-6360.

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