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Physical therapy can be incredibly effective for addressing a wide range of issues and can improve flexibility and mobility. However, it is most effective when the individual receiving it has a good understanding of it, puts in the necessary work, and complies with the recommendations of the physical therapist. Oftentimes, many expect physical therapy to be a quick fix, or disregard their physical therapist’s advice as soon as the session is over. If you expect to gain anything from these sessions, this is a major mistake.

When you visit a physical therapist, you might spend about 2 to 3 hours a week with him or her. During this time, he or she will study your movement patterns, strength, mobility, and response to the exercises and activities recommended. That said, since no two people or injuries are exactly alike, there is no set timeline for recovery. Your physical therapist might be able to provide a tentative timeline, but it can be subject to changes depending on your progress.

This sounds like a lot of work and, the truth is, that it is. If physical therapy is too easy and does not present any challenges, chances are that it is not good physical therapy. In order to get back to symptom-free activity, you will need to change how you move by using and strengthening muscles that are weak and mobilizing joints and tissues that are tight. For a physical therapist to effectively perform this job and for you to experience results, it is crucial that you are consistent with your compliance.

Since you are only spending a few hours a week with your physical therapist, you will be spending the bulk of your time on your own and, if you choose not to follow through with your physical therapist’s instructions and advice, you are going to counteract everything that is trying to be accomplished during your sessions.

Individualized Treatment and Dedicated Patient Care in Monmouth County

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