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Endurance athletes typically sustain injuries and experience pain resulting from overtraining, overcompensation, and poor biomechanics, all of which can also lead to secondary injuries and pain. Such problems can be difficult to spot and correct with traditional physical therapy methods, which often include full-body weight exercises and positions.

The Redcord system allows physical therapists togauge and improve muscular strength and stability. When patients are suspended in a partial body weight position using ropes and slings, it is much easier to identify errors in the kinetic chain and re-teach specific movements. It also allows physical therapists to evaluate the entire kinetic chain and find weaknesses that may not be obvious or appear directly related to the site of pain or injury.

Suspension exercises provide athletes with a relatively pain-free way to re-learn functional movement patterns. After weaknesses or inadequacies in movements or muscle groups have been identified, the Redcord system allows physical therapists to help athletes regain neuromuscular control and improve physical function, regardless of the injury.

With the Redcord system, we can provide personalized physical therapy for endurance athletes of any kind. Whether you’re a cyclist, swimmer, runner, ping-pong player, or any other kind of endurance athlete who is performing repeated motion or undergoing frequent stress on specific muscular groups, you will likely experience sports-related injury and pain at some point. Record suspension therapy allows you to relearn a stroke, equalize the pressure being placed on both sides of your body, improve balance and coordination while performing specific motions, and receive whatever other physical retraining you require to avoid further injury and continue pushing your body to its physical limits.

Personalized Physical Therapy and Pain Relief in Aberdeen

In the same way the Redcord suspension therapy system can provide uniquely tailored solutions, our team at ProFysio Physical Therapy employs creative solutions to address your unique injury. We offer a wide range of solutions, including Redcord suspension therapy, and can help you get back on your feet from most injuries.

Don’t let pain or injury hold you back from athletic growth and success. Call us today at (732) 333-6360 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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