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If you have ever sustained an injury or suffered from chronic joint pain or other conditions that might impact mobility or range of motion, you might have faced the decision of choosing between chiropractic care and physical therapy, or physiotherapy as it is also known. What is the difference? These two forms of treatment share many of the same characteristics. Both seek to correct and treat ailments such as back and joint pain, as well as migraine headaches. However, physiotherapy also aims to prevent the issues you are experiencing from occurring again, whereas chiropractic care typically requires continued support. Additionally, in some cases, chiropractic care can even worsen certain injuries.

Here are some reasons why you should choose physical therapy over chiropractic care:

1.Physical therapy addresses more aspects of the human body: Compared to chiropractic care, physical therapy is a much more comprehensive form of treatment that helps patients recover and regain abilities they had before their injury. Chiropractic care is more limited, focusing primarily on the nervous system, skeletal system, and muscles in the body that enable movement. This approach is also generally centered on the spine, regardless if the patient is suffering from a back injury.

2.Physical therapists have a better set of skills: Since there is some overlapping between physical therapy and chiropractic care, physical therapists are trained to do much of what chiropractic therapists can do. However, chiropractic therapists do not receive the same comprehensive training physical therapists do, so they are usually not capable of the same techniques.

3.Chiropractors cannot treat as many problems: Chiropractic therapists generally use manipulation of the skeleton and muscles as their main approach to treating injuries. Unfortunately, this method cannot address a wide range of conditions or injuries. Physical therapists are trained to recognize a wider range of conditions and can treat weaknesses you were not even aware of.

4.Chiropractors can potentially inflict further injury to a patient: For patients whose bodies do not respond well to techniques that focus on muscle and skeletal manipulation, a chiropractor can worsen or cause additional injuries. Since physical therapy encompasses a wide variety of techniques and relies on ultrasounds to examine injuries, sore spots, and weaknesses before treatment is administer, patients are able to receive proper treatment for their specific ailments.

Monmouth County Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine

At ProFysio, our premier clinic can provide treatments to address symptoms caused by a wide range of conditions and injuries. If you are experiencing pain, sustained an injury, suffer from chronic joint pain, or are recovering from a surgery, our 1 on 1 individualized treatment can provide the quality care you deserve. We offer attentive service that is never rushed and accept most insurance plans.

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