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Many of us are familiar with the importance of stretching. If you took a physical education class as a kid, your teacher probably instructed you to always stretch prior to and after exercise, though you might not have understood why. Stretching can increase one’s flexibility, which can also improve your overall health. This does not mean you are going to become a contortionist or beat everyone at Twister, especially since everyone’s needs and abilities are different, but it will mean that you will reap benefits that will contribute to your overall wellbeing.

In order to benefit from stretching exercises and increase your flexibility, you will have to remain committed to it. This means you will need to stretch at least three days a week or, ideally, every day if possible. Consider activities such as yoga or Pilates.

Factors that determine how flexible you are and how flexible you will become include:

  • Genetics
  • Gender
  • Conditions such as arthritis
  • Injuries
  • Age

Regardless of whatever limitations your body might present, anyone can benefit from stretching exercises. To know which exercises will work best for you, consider working with a physical therapist to ensure you are getting the most out of these exercises.

What can flexibility do for your health? Well, those who suffer from extreme inflexibility, are at an increased risk for injuries and often experience more difficulty in everyday tasks due to poor range of motion.

Exceptional Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine in Monmouth County

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