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The majority of working adults in the United States will experience back pain at some point. Because back pain does not stem exclusively from disease, disorder, or functional problems, it can affect virtually anyone. Though common, this kind of back pain is still serious.

Back pain can keep you out of work, prevent you from partaking in life-enriching activities, and can have other powerful negative effects, including:

  • Immobility
  • Weight gain
  • Lower sleep quality
  • Feelings of depression
  • Muscle weakness or deterioration

Most Americans self-medicate in order to relieve back pain. However, this can only dull the pain for a few hours and does not address the source of your discomfort. When back pain begins to affect your daily life, it may be time to seek pursue physical therapy as an option.

Physical Therapy for Lower-Back Pain

Even more common than that of the upper back, lower-back pain can have a number of different sources, from poor posture to inflamed joints. Aside from helping you formulate a plan to stay active and exercise regularly, a physical therapist can help you with your lower-back pain by doing the following:

  • Assessing the source of your pain to determine whether or not surgery is necessary
  • Utilizing passive therapeutic methods to relieve pain and increase blood flow to the affected area, such as use of heat, cold, and electrical stimulation
  • Helping you with a series of targeted exercises and stretches intended to reduce tightness and inflammation in the lower back

Physical Therapy for Upper-Back Pain

Poor posture is typically the culprit behind upper-back pain. A physical therapist can help you pinpoint the source of your pain by evaluating the way you are sitting, standing, sleeping, or performing certain motions. Once the source is identified, there are a few helpful treatments physical therapy can provide, including:

  • Re-learning important motion patterns and movements to prevent worse or future pain
  • Alternating between heat and cold to relieve pain, minimize inflammation, and stimulate blood flow to the affected area
  • Finding alternatives to pain-causing posture and strategies for adopting new ways of moving, sitting, standing, etc.

Physical Therapy for Back Pain in Aberdeen & Monmouth County

If you’ve got back pain, we can help. Our experienced physical therapists have treated many people with similar aches, pains, and symptoms, and we know what it takes to get you back on your feet. Contact our team at ProFysio Physical Therapy today to get rid of back pain and get back to your life.

Take your life back into your own hands! Call (732) 333-6360 to schedule your first appointment and take the first steps to resolving your back pain once and for all.

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