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The Graston Technique is a form of assisted soft tissue mobilization therapy. This is a physical therapy method that uses stainless steel devices to stimulate muscle mobilization and soft tissues. It breaks up scar tissue and fibrous build-up that may be inhibiting motion or causing pain. This can allow the patient to regain greater range of pain-free motion and is even though to re-activate nerves in the affected area.

This technique may be suitable for people who have experienced a traumatic injury, such as those that tend to occur in car accidents and workplace accidents or as a result of a major surgery or procedure-gone-wrong. If you are experiencing muscle tension, reduced range of motion, and pain in a certain muscle group since an accident or procedure, you may benefit from The Graston Technique.

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How the Graston Technique Improves Physical Therapy

You may wish to add this method to your physical therapy regimen for a number of reasons. First of all, it can dramatically decrease your recovery time and help you get back on your feet much sooner than you otherwise would. It can also minimize the necessity of anti-inflammatory drugs during your recovery, which can be better for your health overall. It can also alleviate chronic pain, once and for all, even if that pain has had no apparent cause or cure up to this point.

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