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Father doing pushups in decorated holiday living room with his son on his back.

Simple Exercises You Can Do Between the Holiday Hustle & Bustle

If you're undergoing physical therapy, it's important to stay consistent with your exercises to maintain your progress, even during the holiday season. Fortunately, there are several effective physical therapy exercises you can do right at home, so you can stay active and flexible over the holidays. Be sure to discuss these exercises with your physical therapist beforehand to make sure you are able to perform them safely and properly.

Bodyweight Movements

Bodyweight movements are an excellent way to stay active during the holidays, especially if you're short on time or don't have access to a gym. Planks, push-ups, and squats are all great examples of bodyweight movements.

These exercises not only strengthen your muscles but also help improve your balance and flexibility. For an added challenge, try pressing weights overhead while you squat. Alternatively, you can try squatting and then coming up into a balanced stance.

Flexibility Stretches

Maintaining flexibility over the holidays is equally important as maintaining your strength. Below are a few stretches for your upper and lower body to help improve and maintain your flexibility while partaking in the holiday festivities:

  • Shoulder Stretch: Stand tall, interlock your fingers, and extend your arms above your head. Stretch upwards and hold the position for about 30 seconds.
  • Hamstring Stretch: Sit with one leg extended and the other bent. Reach towards your ankle on the extended leg and hold for about 30 seconds.
  • Hip Flexor Stretch: Kneel on one knee and lean forward, keeping your back straight. Hold for approximately 30 seconds.

Remember to breathe deeply and relax into each stretch. Don't force any movement, and be sure to stop if you feel any pain.

Joint Mobility Exercises

Joint mobility exercises can help manage stress and pain during the holidays. An example of such an exercise is gently tilting your head forward, bringing your chin towards your chest, and then slowly looking up towards the ceiling. These exercises can be done while sitting or standing and are a great way to keep your joints healthy and flexible.

Creative Exercises

Don't overlook the power of creativity when it comes to staying active over the holidays. You can put on leg or wrist weights while doing housework for an extra workout. Even something as simple as tidying up your home before guests arrive can become a fitness activity.

Here When You Need Us

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