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Depending on the cause of your pain, physical therapy may improve your discomfort enough to make surgery unnecessary.

The doctors at ProFysio Physical Therapy employ a variety of techniques and technologies personalized to your specific needs. An individualized treatment plan may eliminate the need for surgery altogether.

Early Intervention Leads to Improved Outcomes

Exercise is a universal recommendation for better health. But if you are in pain, whether acute or chronic, unsupervised exercise could exacerbate the problem. Our physical therapists evaluate more than symptoms. We look at the entire body and how you move, sit, walk, and more to uncover potential root causes. Dysfunction in one part of your body can cause pain in another.

The sooner you seek out professional guidance, the more options you will have to reduce your pain and get you back on track. ProFysio Physical Therapy is a direct access facility, which means you can see our physical therapists without a prescription from a physician.

Seeking professional guidance early in the pain cycle may lead to the following:

  • Less dependence on painkillers
  • Less likely to need surgery
  • Better mobility and function
  • Increased strength and flexibility

Conditions that often benefit from physical therapy include the following:

  • Knee Pain. Arthritis and meniscal tears are common culprits of knee pain that often respond well to physical therapy.
  • Back Pain. Lower back pain affects up to 70% of people in their lifetime. Fortunately, physical therapy can help strengthen the muscles that support and move the spine.
  • Neck Pain. Not only is your range of motion affected, but the neck pain can travel to your shoulder, arm, or hand. Posture and muscle weakness can cause neck pain.
  • Shoulder Pain. Among the issues that PT can address are rotator cuff tears.

Physical therapy can often help these and other conditions. The patient must also be willing to do the work, which often means complementing supervised PT with at-home exercises. PT is non-invasive with less risk than surgery. Working with a physical therapist can also help you avoid further injury by improving your awareness of body mechanics and proper movement.

Physical Therapy Before & After Surgery

There are situations and conditions where surgery is unavoidable. Physical therapy also plays an important role before and after the procedure.

Preoperative physical therapy is called pre-hab. Before surgery, our physical therapist will strengthen and mobilize the muscles around the surgical area. For example, if you are having knee surgery, it is important to strengthen the muscles that support and move the knee joint. Pre-hap enables you to go into the surgery stronger with better mobility. Pre-hap generally aids recovery and shortens a hospital stay.

After surgery, physical therapy can help the surgical area heal faster and can lessen pain and swelling. Under the guidance of our doctor, you can realize improved mobility and strength. We also work to ensure that surgery wasn’t a temporary fix. We address any underlying issues responsible for your condition.

Trust the Highly Trained Doctors at ProFysio Physical Therapy

We are proud to be the only physical therapy doctors in Monmouth County to be led by a team of Fellowship Trained Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists. All our physical therapists hold their doctorate, something not found universally.

We believe our comprehensive education and extensive experience help our clients work toward the goal of an active, pain-free lifestyle.

If you are sidelined by pain, contact ProFysio Physical Therapy. We offer a consultation to learn more about our services. We have four convenient locations in New Jersey: Aberdeen, East Brunswick, Edison, and Old Bridge. Schedule your consultation by calling (732) 812-5200.