Blogs from January, 2023

Enhancing Physical and Mental Health

January marks the beginning of Mental Wellness Month, a time intended for bringing awareness to the importance of mental health and wellbeing. If you’re struggling with your mental health, you’re not alone. In fact, approximately one in every five adults experience some sort of mental illness each year. That’s why we’d like to shed light on the healing benefits of physical therapy – not only for the body, but also the mind.

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How Mental Illness Affects the Body

Anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions can have a significant impact on the body. The stress and chemical imbalances of these conditions can lead to tense muscles, headaches, body aches, insomnia, weakness, and even physical pain.

Physical activity and daily stretching can help combat some of these physical symptoms, as can ensuring you’re getting the right amount of sleep for your specific needs each night and practicing healthy eating habits. While it may be tempting to lay in bed when dealing with the daily symptoms of mental illness, sedentary lifestyles actually pose increased health risks.

Stronger Body, Clearer Mind

As mentioned by Physiopedia, a 2021 study yielded positive results in the treatment of mental health conditions through both aerobic and resistance exercise training. In addition, research supports regular physical activity as a treatment plan option for stress, depression, anxiety, and more. Your physical therapist can discuss your situation to determine which movement methods and modalities would be best for your needs and wellness goals.

While it may not always be someone’s initial instinct to seek the help of a physical therapist when struggling with mental health, the International Organization of Physical Therapy in Mental Health asserts physical therapists as important professionals in the mental wellness field. Due to their expertise in therapeutic movement and holistic health, physical therapists have the unique ability to blend body-and-mind when creating treatment plants.

Physical therapy also incorporates breath work into certain treatment methods, moving the body with the breath. There are numerous benefits to breathing exercises, including:

  • Improved cognitive function
  • Stress management
  • Enhanced sleep quality
  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Stronger muscles

Take Control of Your Mental Wellness

As eloquently stated by the American Physical Therapy Association, “physical, behavioral, and mental health are inseparably interconnected within overall health and well-being.” At ProFysio Physical Therapy, our treatment methods don’t focus simply on one area of the body – we strive to create a full mind/body experience to help patients achieve enhanced wellness overall.

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