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Personalized Attention Brings Comfortable Results

At ProFysio Physical Therapy, our Matawan physical therapists are committed to doing everything they can to make our patients lives more comfortable. When someone comes to us saying that they are feeling pain all the time or cannot get around like they used to, we know we need to get to work right away and figure out a therapy routine that will benefit them most. Do not mistake our own eagerness to help you with haste; we never rush our patients, before, during, or after a session. In fact, most of the time, no more than two patients will be scheduled in an hour, so each person gets as much attention as they need.

Consider these five reasons why you should choose to work with ProFysio:

All of our physical therapists are Doctors of Physical Therapy.

We accept most insurance plans for your convenience.

You can come see us without needing a physician’s prescription first.

Most appointments will be fulfilled within 48 hours of scheduling.

State-of-the-art equipment is used throughout our facility.

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Physical Therapy Offers a Wide Range of Solutions

Some people consider the human body a temple, and they are not wrong. But all temples require upkeep and care. If you have suffered an injury or are feeling aches and pains from age, physical therapy may be the solution to restore your body and keep yourself feeling pristine and comfortable.

Physical conditions that can be treated or alleviated by physical therapy techniques include:

Best of all, the physical therapy options we offer at ProFysio are noninvasive and virtually risk-free. Without surgery or medications, you can get back on your feet, sometimes literally so. We even regularly see clients who undergo strength and conditioning training as a preventative measure, taking care of minor aches and pains before they worsen over time.

Set the Wheels & Yourself in Motion!

At ProFysio, our motto is “Life in motion” because we believe the person who can move freely without pain or discomfort is a person who is happy all the time. Speaking of satisfaction, our Matawan physical therapists are never more pleased than when they see the positive results their work can bring our patients. To learn more about our team and our services, contact us online or book your free consultation now.

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